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Dear Team

Allow me to express my wish for the PVRSHaman, maybe you might be interested by the point of view of a developer ?


the tools shout show more detail without being to verbose about material

diffuse,specular, normal ( bump)


in the built in object , witch is a superbe idea, create a new object should link an empty pfx(or a choice of pfx lib) associated to it and create a directory where the default pod and pfx are located.

3/ improve the edition of pfx

when you have a lot of effect the editor is pretty basic, it should showus the effect hiearchy in the tree node or collapse/expand the editor view like all good old c++ editor ( even java eclipse got it )

4/should be eclipse based (multi plateform and low cost of maintaining ,dynamic update compare a qt apps )

5/ the update should work , for now i never saw it working and it crash on my linux.

6/ compose effect to create a new one, visually a bit like the wonderfull mental mill but ok …it s a dream here

7/ unless you play it you dont see the animation hiearchy

that is my tought this morning



Hi David,

Thanks for the feedback. The PVRShaman lead engineer is out of this office this week. I’ll discuss all your points with him when he’s back through :slight_smile:

We have no plans to create Eclipse versions of any of our Utilities as we believe our existing cross-platform solution is more flexible (& it means we don’t have a dependency on other software packages).