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any plan for open sourcing the GREAT GREAT GREAT PVRShaman tools or allowing tier-plugin dev???




Hi David,

We aren’t planning to open source any of our utilities at this time. If we have a sufficient number of requests to support PVRShaman plug-in development from the Insider community, then we could consider it for our software roadmap. Another option is to suggest particular features to us which we can then consider to be added to the core functionality of this utility.

Can you explain your use case?




I am using your pvr engine for my game engine , for now i am extracting mesh information from the pod at runtime and binding bullet physic engine, the pod contain all information i need but i need this extra conf file to tell me what strategy of binding i want (rigid body,dynamic etc etc ) my goal was to be able to define that in the tooling , a treeview that will associate   the bounding box to a particular META-Name (kind of alias for mapping ) like that people can bind what they want…

kind regards



the choice is not restricted to the bounding box of course