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I believe i have asked this before but since i could not find the thread, i will ask again because i do not remember the answer.

The PVRTools code is of great use specifically PVRTDecompress and others… but the files do not include the license type in the header comments.

Is it possible to use the files as part of an open source engine?



Yes. If you’re redistributing the source code like this then you need to retain the copyright notice that is at the top of the files. As long as this is done you can include it in an open source project. You can alter the code for your own purposes, but the copyright should stay intact. It’s not a requirement, but we would appreciate a mention and possible use of our logo in whatever publicity materials you use - somewhere on the website for the project is normal. We’d also like to hear about your project so post here, email etc.

Hope that helps.


Gordon, Thank you for the information.

This should save me some time. Full attribution and copyright retainment will be maintained. Thumbs%20Up

The project is just starting: To port Horde3D next-gen shader based rendering engine to OpenGL ES 2.x. However since i now use Unity for game development it will be a very slow development process (only weekends).

The reason why i am interested in this is because there isn't a OGL ES 2.x open source alternative.  And i am not totally happy with Unity, Open Source development is always much more flexible.

I will post on the forums as soon as there is something to show. At the moment there are some design issues that have to be worked out to create the framework for alternative backends. Currently Horde3D uses OpenGL 2.x a port to ES 2.x is not hard it's just hard work, but there are plans to support other backends like D3D10. But i may do a straight conversion and the framework design work will be done at a latter date.

DDd2010-01-21 14:22:20


The project sounds interesting and I’m glad you think our code should be useful.

Just so you know: the Oolong project supports OpenGL ES 2.0 on the iPhone (and was based on our SDK originally) and I believe Ogre3D has some OpenGL ES 2.0 compatiblity - I remember seeing some demonstrations on beagle board a while back, for instance.


Oolong is a great project but it seems to be (unsupported since mid 2009 EDIT: they moved to google code, that's why it looked so dead to me Tongue) and requires iphone/mac platform, this is an issue for many people.

Ogre afaik uses ES 1.x as does Irrlicht (i believe both have ES 2.x API working, just the shader infrastructure and a few plumbing issues are missing, but i am not familiar with details). I believe there is also a port for Open scene graph that uses ES 2.x but i have only seen ES 1.x working.

I also did some test prototypes based on your SDK for the beagleboard when the TI 3D driver came out, but this time i want to have something that is actually tested and production ready.

In conclusion, it looks like some open source project added the API, but have not created all the necessary plumbing that is required to make the engine a usable platform. Please correct me if i am wrong, last time i assessed the open source scene for ES 2.x support was a few months back and things change rapidly in the oss development world.

DDd2010-01-21 15:05:19


It looks like you’re at least as up to date on this as I am - I just wanted to make you aware of those projects if you weren’t already. Oolong discussion/development has been fairly lively recently, in fact, but the platform restrictions make it unsuitable for general use, like you say. Someone was trying to port Oolong to linux at one point (and wanted to know why we’d taken some of its code without acknowledgement ), but I don’t know what happened to that.

(Obviously our SDK is supposed to be tested and production ready too, but we don’t pretend to have support for everything: sound, physics etc. as a complete engine )


Just to make it clear, the SDK code is top notch Thumbs%20Up

What was not production ready was my hacked up code, it was not a game engine just a demo, a couple of months latter Unity showed up in the scene and i was totally sold. However i think they need some competition from oss projects, specially now that their support seems to be slumping a little.

I will take a more in-depth look into Oolong since i have been out of touch with that project in a long time.

Thanks for your replies :)

DDd2010-01-21 20:33:45