Horde3D Shader Based Engine Opengl ES 2.x Port


I would like to introduce a project that i am going to

undertake in the next months. Porting Horde3D graphics engine to OpenGL

ES 2.x.



is a next-gen OpenGL 2.0 Shader based (no fixed function, since v0.15) graphics

engine, it is small (~5.000 lines of code) and features a simple design. And also has an

associated editor.

More information on Horde3D: http://horde3d.org and on http://horde3d.org/wiki

Port information, is atm scarce at best Wink http://www.horde3d.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=289

The project is open to all participants. This is a small project (there is not much to port) however it is also a complex project (the code is not trivial). My priority for this project has taken a blow, due to my acceptance in

GSoC 2008, nonetheless it will still happen just not as quickly as I

would hope Ouch but since there is no commercially available hardware yet, i don’t think the delay is a huge issue.

If anyone would like to collaborate on this project, it would be a welcomed addition.

All the Best,

This looks like a very interesting project indeed. I had a good wander about the site and wiki for this engine (haven’t looked at it for awhile) yesterday and the results from the current OpenGL version are very impressive. Similar output on our OpenGL ES2 platforms would be very welcome - Horde3D seems like a very good framework to take advantage of them too.

Please, feel free to use this forum as a base for any support requests, project updates etc.  - I’m sure the DevTech team will be happy to assist where we can with the porting effort.

Thank you. After evaluating several engines, i believe that Horde3D is the best candidate for such a OpenGL ES 2.x engine.

I will take you on on that offer ;)

Current events:
1) Setting in place a good build system to support multiple vendors.
2) Figuring out platform differences and how to handle them. Using as a guide the OpenGL ES 2.0 Programming Guide book. Certain Horde3D features (like default trilinear filtering and other advance features like 3D textures) are available thru extensions, need to figure out the best way to handle extensions that need to be supported, and gracefully fall-back if they are not present in the silicon.
3) Trying to get a dev kit, so i can test and profile the engine on hardware. This one is going to take a few months until one of the Beagle or openpandora platforms becomes available.

DDd2008-04-24 21:38:25