PVRTrace: "DisableBinaries"

Testing with PVRTrace in the 2016 R1.1 SDK (Recorder Version: 16.1@3980846), I noticed my glProgramBinary calls failing again. I also noticed this note emitted by the recorder lib:

[blockquote]PVRTrace has disabled support for shader/program binaries in the API. This can be changed by setting DisableBinaries to false in the config.[/blockquote]

First, to verify which section I should add it to, I checked the PVRTrace User Manual. That setting isn’t listed. You might add that.

Second, I went ahead and added it to the “Tracing” section:

[blockquote] “DisableBinaries”: false[/blockquote]

and it didn’t make any difference. All of my glProgramBinary calls (which work under PVRVFrame w/o trace) are still throwing GL_INVALID_ENUM, and I still see the “PVRTrace has disabled support for shader/program binaries…” message on startup of the recorder libs.

What’s the procedure for enabling program binary support through PVRTrace?


Hi Dark_Photon,

I’ve checked the PVRTrace config parser. I’m not sure why it’s ended up there, but the DisableBinaries flag needs to be given in our internal debugging group rather than one of the publicly documented ones. if you add it to an “Internal” section, the option should work for you.

I’ve reported BRN59352 in our tracker to move this flag to the Tracing group and to document it in the user manual.

Thanks, Joe! That works well.

(By the way: The RSS feed for these forums broke early-to-mid last week. Sent a site mail, but hadn’t heard anything back. Is there a forums appropriate to post questions/problems like this? For details on the breakage, see:

vs. for example:

Glad to hear that worked :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing out the RSS issue. I didn’t realise until the web team told me about your report. Everything seems to be working now.

The RSS feed looks good now – thanks guys!