PVRTune Connectio

Hi All,

I’m trying to connect my Galaxy Tab to my Windows PC and use PVRTune for getting perf counters. I’m able to launch SGXPerfServer on the Tablet and PVRTune on my Windows PC, but not able to connect to the tablet from the PC. How do I get the IP address of the server ?


When you lanch the SGXPerfServer appliction and press “OK” when prompted for command-line input (no input is the default), then the application will write out information about the application’s launch to the device’s screen. This includes the IP address of the device and the driver revision. Using this IP address, you should be able to connect to the device from your Windows machine (assuming they are both on the same network).

If an IP address isn’t displayed when you lauch SGXPerfServer, let us know (either post a screen shot of SGXPerfServer running on this forum topic, or send it to devtech@imgtec.com)

Thanks Joe for the reply…
The IP address showing on the device is of… Guess its localhost address… As you mentioned, I should put both my PC & device on the same network.