not connect to SGXPerfServer


    I meet a problem about SGXPerfServer can not connect by PVRTuneDeveloper.

    The SGXPerfServer is Running on Galaxy GT-I9008, it shows server is localhost:6520(lo: . I Enter  server name or IP address in PVRTuneDeveloper,  such as pvrtune://localhost:6520, localhost:6520 , localhost, and, but all it doesn't work . My computer opera system is WINXP.


    How can i  connect to SGXPerfServer ?  


    I found the document of PVRTune said to be installed Driver(DDK) Compatibility, where is DDK download?


    thank you for your answer


Connection to SGXPerfServer is done by standard TCP/IP. In TCP/IP localhost, or the IP address refer to the local machine (if you ping localhost, for example, your pinging yourself).

My first suggestion would be to double check that both the computer running tune, and the device running SGXPerfServer are connected to the same network.