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PVRtune fetched some incorrect datas on android5 ?



I updated my pad(dell venue8 7840,G6430) from android 4.4 to android 5.1 yesterday.And then fetched such unusal datas like this screenshot:
The datas seems unstabitily after upadating to android 5.1,but it‘s ok before.I test on another mac and got the same issue.
The platform is OSX 10.10.5,and PowerVR Tools and SDK 2016 R1.
How to fix it?


Hi kylda,
I will investigate it and I’ll get back to you if I find a walkaround solution. First of all, please make sure you reinstall the PVRHub on you android device from SDK 2016 R1 package.:smiley:
But I think 1s column is very good for profile application. I recommend you to use Frame or Selected.



Hi kevin,
Thanks for your reply.I reinstall PVRHub but got the same issue.I tried another android device, MEIZU MX5 with G6200(android 5),and melt the same problem.Maybe I miss some other settings?Hope your solution.



Hi kylda,
Thank you for your test.:smiley:
Can you provide the PVRTune recording file for me to reproduce this problem?