RE: PVRTune for SGX Link on the Website


I cannot figure out how to download the PVRTune for SGX located here: .

Also…it just fails at the end of the download. I am using a BeagleBone Black w/ the SGX 530.


P.S. When you have time, please update me on this effort.

Hi Seth,

Many thanks for your message, and welcome to the PowerVR Developer Forum!

We will take a look at this issue in a BBB device. We will try to reproduce it and fix it or give you a workaround.

Best regards,

Hello @AlejandroCosin ,

Seth here. Thank you for welcoming me. I just clicked the link and it worked. It finally downloaded properly.

The SGX lib. is what I need to make graphics available on the BBB along w/ the SDK, right? I am sort of just “wetting my feet” here w/ graphics and the SGX 530.


P.S. Even though I may never make a tremendous impact nationally, I would like to learn a bit more on this subject, make some posts, and even maybe attend another Maker Faire w/ this technology and your Native_SDK to show (and tell).

@AlejandroCosin or Anyone Else w/ Ideas,

Seth here. Hello…

Is there a reason that the file for SGX has to be in .tgz format? I am asking b/c on my Windows Desktop, I cannot cross-compile cleanly for armv7hf if I cannot extract the contents in Windows 10 or on WSL2.

The reason I am asking is laziness basically. I can always use my Debian Desktop machine.

But…I was thinking that I could perform this cross-comp. in WSL2 on Win 10. Has this been tested w/ success yet?


P.S. Also, is there a way to turn the .tgz file into a normal .tar file or .tar.gz file for extracting it. For some reason, my WSL2 will not allow me to extract the .tgz file and has this error.

gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file
tar: Child returned status 1
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

Hi silver2row,

The .tgz format is an older format and this archive being a legacy download it is a victim of the decisions at the time. It should essentially work like any other .tar.gz format, however.

I don’t believe we’ve tested it on Win10 in WSL2. We do generally recommend using a Linux machine but let me run some tests and get back to you on that. Cross-compilation is supported and should work so theoretically I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t. Since, you’re using Windows I can recommend using 7zip to extract the archive from the Windows side and manually move it to the Linux instance to work with.

As for the error you’ve shared, that usually means that the archive file is not in a format that gzip recognises (not an archive at all), might be corrupt or it was archived incorrectly. How are you downloading the PVRTune archive file?


@omarzohdi ,

Hello…yes sir. I can try Linux Debain Buster instead. I have a Debian machine here to use.

I can also try 7-zip on Win 10.

I am just using tar -xvf <file_name.tgz>


P.S. It was difficult to get the download at first. It may have been my machine. I will check w/ another download soon. Oh and I am using wget to download it from your website on WSL2. And…w/ Win 10, I just click the link.

Hi, Seth,

Do check if the download is actually an archive or an html file. I believe our website redirects the actual link used to the real download link and wget might be downloading and html file rather than the actual archive.

tar -xvf <file_name.tgz> is the correct command and it should be working.


@omarzohdi ,

Yes sir…I will check the file and see if that is the case. Thank you…


P.S. I will reply once I figure it out.

Hello @omarzohdi ,

Okay…the entire file decompressed and loaded successfully.


P.S. Thank you. I used 7-Zip this time and then placed it in wsl2 Debian on Win 10 and then used sftp to install the files on the BBB. I will be testing more as time goes by…YES!

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