Release an application in Mac Store using the SDK

Hi there,

I found this PowerVR SDK so awesome that I could just use this as my graphics backend, so my questions are:

  1. is it OK to release an application/game to Mac Store/Steam/etc. using the SDK? what are those limitations? copyrights concerns?
  2. is there a release version of the SDK? I am seeing a lot of logs that looks like a diagnostic message (they are very helpful), but I’d like to turn them off in the release mode.



this powerfull sdk is completely free ! you can use it for your commercial apps as i already ask the question.

Hi Hao,

As David has mentioned, the SDK source and binaries produced with our exporter tools are free to use. The SDK End User License Agreement can be found here.

is there a release version of the SDK?

There is only one version of the SDK. If there are any warnings or errors you would like to disable, you can modify the PVRShell and PVRTools code to remove the messages from your release builds.


thanks all!

the SDK really evolves the way I need it, please keep the awesome work going!