rotating POD objects

I modified the OGLESIntroducingPOD training tutorial code to rotate in the Y axis, based on touch events. This works fine for the demo POD on the Y axis, but switching to the x axis causes the objects to rotate individually. Can you shed some light on this? I ask because I’m having the same problem with my own POD, which contains a model of a chair with spindles. The spindles rotate separately from the chair when rendered. On a side note, rotating my chair model in PVRShaman works just fine.

Can you guys give me some guidance?

Thanks for the awesome SDK!


I solved this by grouping the objects in 3ds max. I thought possibly this was some kind of view/camera axis problem. Basically, once again, I just needed to do some additional investigation. Until next post…


Uh, scratch that…

I found out the problem was actually exporting the POD in model view vs. world view. by selecting the world view things worked great. Then I tried including the animation frames in the POD export, which forces a Model view; with no way to select World view. This option is not available when exporting an animation.   So, is there a way I can get both the animation and the World view?

Thanks for the help.

Hi there Jane,

How are you??

I need small favour from you…
I have developed some advertisement apps for TV channels and we decided to make that implementation on mobile phones also, everything working except touch base events are required for that particular apps.

I want to know that if the user has touch that particular mesh or model on the screen and nothing else, because i am trying to make interactive apps kind of thing. so how to detect that touch event specific on the 3d model…

my apps are very simple and I only need one tap event on top of that, nothing fancy.

PS: some apps are animated and moving here and there on screen.
you can see in image, that cube and box are 3d apps and rest is video part.


Increase inertia by shooting at it repeatedly with a porridge gun )))

(I was only half-joking. Perhaps a large net, weighted around the edges. It would tangle up, the weights at the edges would transfer outwards due to the usual spinning effects, and the whole contraption would slow down. Trouble is it would still be rotating slowly, and surrounded by nets ready to trap anyone trying to board or to leave. Maybe the weights can be detached afterwards…)