SDK for Pandaboard ES


I’m having trouble getting the Training Course binaries to run on a 4460 Pandaboard (with Ubuntu 12.04), and I suspect that I’m using an incorrect SDK. The SDK package I downloaded is named SDK_OGLES2_LINUX_ARMV7_REL_2.10@863987.tar.gz, and the User’s guide only specifies one platform: LinuxARMV7. Looking through the makefile and file structure,  it looks like this is the only platform supported. I’d expect the option for LinuxOMAP4 or LinuxARMV9 for the Pandaboard ES. I belive I got the latest SDK version, and the link was specifically tagged for Pandaboard/4430. Can anyone confirm that this is/not the right SDK, and provide a link if not?

Also, when I move the binaries from my development platform to the Pandaboard and try to run them, bash returns “No such file or directory”. No errors are reported during the compile/link steps on the dev machine.

Thank you for you help.


The LinuxARMV7 flag should work. Let us know if you encounter any issues when building with this flag.