Want to test and build the examples of PowerVR on Pandaboard(ubuntu)

Hello Masters,

I am new to PowerVr and Graphics, As a beginner i want to test few examples on Pandaboard Es. Also Want to build any one example for pandabord.

Please Tell me the simplest way for testing the powervr.


  1. I ahve download the PowerVR SDK installer on my host ubuntu x86 pc
  2. edit the make_example.mak with “PLATFORM=armv7”
  3. make (02_IntroducingPVRShell example)
  4. copy exicutable to panda board

  5. on Pandaboard sudo apt-get install ubuntu-omap4-extras
  6. sudo ln -s /usr/lib/libGLES_CM.so.1 /usr/lib/libGLES_CM.so

    7)sudo ./OGLESIntroducingPVRShell

    Can’t open remote control input device (/dev/ttyS1)

    PVRShell: EGL 1.4 initialized

    PVR:(Error): OSIsProcessPrivileged: not implemented, default returns false [598, /osfunc_um.c]

    Exit message has been set to: “PVRShell: Unable to create surface


    InitAPI failed!

    PVRShell: Unable to create surface

  7. why this is happening? whats the wrong.


Depending on the OS build you have running on your Panda, you may need to use the hard-float (hf) version of our LinuxARMv7 SDK. If you select the Linux ARM package during SDK installation, the soft-float and hard-float packages will be downloaded.

I would recommend using the pre-built binaries in our SDK to test your device before trying to build your own. This will help you isolate the problem.