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Shader Editor PFX files



I’m on a macbook pro, mountain lion OS-X, and have the latest PowerVR SDK (3.2) installed. My problem is I need help with the file association with .pfx files.

I noticed that POD files are associated with PVRShaman and .PVR texture files are associated with PVRTexTool, which makes it very convenient to edit these files. However I’m not able to edit any .PFX files by double clicking the file. These are currently associated with Key Chain Access. When I try to change the file association to PVRShaderEditor, the app is always grayed-out/disabled from being selectable.



you are very right , i never been able to do it from PVRShaman , i only succeeded to associate the file to PVRShaderEditorGUI only

the grayish thing disapear you select the next choice in the combox box “ALL APPLICATION” and not recommended application,

the other way is to use the right click getInfo and change the application to use and then click "change all"





Unfortunately, this is a known issue that we don’t yet have a solution for. The extension was chosen at the point the PFX format was conceived. It became apparent much later that Apple used the same extension name for another purpose. I’ve filed a report in our internal bug tracker (BRN46374) for an extension name change to be considered for a future SDK.




Hello Joe,

Happy new Year, even by changing the extension of the pfx doesnt “open” the file !!! :slight_smile:

it s not Apple fault here as it is possible to change this extension , but how the soft open it …:slight_smile:


Hi David,

Thanks. Good to hear from you. Hope you enjoyed the holidays!

I meant that we could move to a different extension name in the future, e.g. PVRFX, so there won’t be a clash.




Thanks for the help, at least I know now. It was bugging me.