Shader Profiler


I do not see shader profiler in sdk utilities list. It must be a killer feature of this sdk and it must be in the sdk. Tell me that i’m wrong and point me to profiler. 


StiX2011-08-08 14:53:58


Unfortunately there is no shader profiler included in the SDK and such software would not be supported by the hardware. However, you can use PVRUniSCoEditor - which is our shader and effect editor - which will compile your shader code on the fly and report a highly accurate estimation of the number of required cycles the shader will take to run. You can then use this estimation to determine the efficiency of your shader.Arron2011-08-08 17:03:04

Awesome! That’s what i need! I know that it would be impossible to profile my shaders on iOS with non Apple software, so i had no hope for other option than this one. Thx for help