Slow running speed using PVR shell

I try to add some analysis module inside one of the training course (course 05), which is based on the following toolkit from Imagination.



The analysis module was written with C++ and it can be compiled (VC 6.0) and running normally on PC (a couple of seconds of running time). This analysis module will generate a colormap for rendering. This module include a dozen of new CPP files and header files.


Then, I added all the new files into this project and call this analysis module inside the InitApplication. The whole project can be compiled without any problem (Visual Studio 2008). But when I run the .exe, the speed is so slow, especially around the analysis module I added. The running time is around 10 mins.


I am wondering if it is because I should call my extra analysis module somewhere else instead inside the InitApplication?


Thank you very much


renaissance2010-08-26 20:59:51

The InitApplication function is called once when an application starts and should be used for all general application initialisation. The InitView function is called when the graphics context is created, so should be used for graphics API specific set up (i.e. anything that will need to be reset if the graphics context is lost and needs to be regained).

Any functions that need to be called repeatedly can be called within the RenderScene function.

What is your analysis module trying to achieve? Can you provide a simple case that experiences this issue? (it will be too difficult to isolate the problem when discussing vast changes you have made over dozens of additional .cpp files)