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Support for framebuffer devices?


Does the OpenGL ES 1.1 SDK provide a way to specify a Linux framebuffer device?  I've searched the code in the SDK and don't see a way to specify a framebuffer but thought I'd check in case I'm just missing it.  I'd like to take advantage of the hardware overlay planes on the ads5121 but haven't found a way to do it (i.e. how to write to the overlay plane?).

Many thanks.



When building Linux SDK for some platforms you can define weather it should be X11 or Raw display. By default on PcEmulation SDK it is X11 and rest of SDK are Raw. This Raw means that our OGLES driver will be used that take advantage of framebuffer device. The overlay planes that you mention are part of framebuffer device configuration and we do not provide any tools to configure its usage. Please ask your dispaly drivers provider for further information about that issue.


To write to one of the overlay planes, you need to specify which framebuffer device you want.   Is there a way to specify a different framebuffer device than /dev/fb0 (plane 0 or main plane)?


Our SDK do not specify in any way which framebuffer device will be chosen. Â Perhaps your drivers provider can help you with that issue.