Swapping Z and Y

Are you ever going to offer an option to stop swapping z and y axis in your exporters? The fact that it forces you to go with y-up coordinate system is a little frustrating. M3g exporters like mascot capsule (yes, going back a fair way) offered the axis swap as an option.

Also, any chance of exporting specular level, or do we just have to set spec colour to black on all the materials?


Thanks for the feedback. I’ve added the request to our system and it will be considered for a future release.

The specular colour and intensity should be exported. What is your pipeline for your export? Are you exporting directly from your modelling application (e.g. 3DS Max or Maya), or are you converting from COLLADA to POD?



Thank-you, would be really handy to not have to play around with the geometry and save off in my own format to avoid longer loading times.

With the specular, 3ds max has three values, Specular Level (the Intensity), Glossiness (the Spread) and colour. When a material has no specular in max the colour may still be white, but the Specular level is 0 which prevents any specular highlights showing through. The exporter takes the glossiness value to be the intensity, dividing by 100 to bring to 0-1. So the intensity in the material is incorrect. The material really should have all 3 values for proper specular highlights to be computed and the glossiness should be left in the range 0-100 since the function:

pow(ndoth, cShininess)

needs that range to calculate specular spread properly. I think your specular example just has a fixed shininess, but either way the ‘shininess’ value is taken from max instead of intensity.

I apologise if all the above is bollox and i’ve missed something, but from looking at it closely that appears to be the case.