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TGA is invalid input type with pveTexTool in apple shell



When I try to convert a tga to a pvrtc_4 in apple shell with PVRTexTool I get the invalid input value error.

In the documentation i saw that tga was supported, what could I be doing wrong? the shel script is as follows

(i == filename)

PVRTexToolCL -i $i -f PVRTC1_4


Hi Aerlfredith,

Currently TGA isn’t supported in PVRTexToolCL I’m afraid, however it’s a fairly straightforward format so I have plans to add it shortly. I don’t remember it being mentioned in the documentation however, I’ll have a look into this and make sure that it’s correct for future releases.

Just for clarification, it was present in an older version of PVRTexToolCL, as we previously relied on the FOX libraries to handle image loading for us. When we moved to Qt we had to implement our own image loading library so that the command line could remain lightweight, and TGA didn’t get added here yet unfortunately.




As a follow up, I am now converting a 4096*4096 png to pvr RGBA-4bbp using PVRTexToolCL and it takes about 60 seconds. Is this truely the fastest possible speed or hasnt this been optomized yet. I’m looking to speed up because the game im trying to port will have quite a bit of larger textures and the total converting time would add up.


Hi Aerlfredith,

We’re constantly working on optimising the compressor - but we also have to balance quality improvements with speed. Currently it’s not going to get any faster than the 60 second mark, but we are definitely working on it. I’m afraid that for now I can’t offer any solutions to get it running faster.