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PvrTexTool Preview build request (OSX - with fixes for TGA support)



As per:

I’m having issues with PvrTexTool and TGA format support on OSX.
I’ve only tried with the GUI tool, I’ll give the CLI a shot also - but Joe mentioned the current preview build ought to solve this issue.

Happy to report back with any findings.


Hi Tim,

I’ve spoken to the TexTool lead and, unfortunately, the TGA issues in the GUI tool haven’t been fixed yet. The CLI and library use a different TGA loader and I believe the bug I was thinking of was fixed there. Can you try using the CLI and let us know if you encounter the same problem?



Thanks Joe.
The CLI tool gets the job done, no sweat.

One very very very minor thing… The built-in tool help text shows the following:

[pre]Input File:
Set the input file or files. Must be a JPEG, PNG, BMP, PVR, KTX, DDS or ASTC file. If either the cube map or texture array flag is set, multiple files should be explicitly specified.[/pre]

I guess we can add TGA to that list :wink:


>The CLI tool gets the job done, no sweat.
Great :slight_smile:

>I guess we can add TGA to that list :wink:
Ah - thanks for mentioning. We’ve reported that to the TexTool lead.