Using glPushGroupMarkerEXT to annotate GL calls in PVRShell/PVRSDK based app.

Hi There,

I’m trying to annotate my GL calls using, for example:

glPushGroupMarkerEXT(0, “Vertex Buffer Objects”);

… GL calls to set up VBOs …


This is an Apple extension that organises the GL calls under groups inside XCode’s GLES debugger.

My code is using PVRShell/PVRSDK, and when I put these calls in my code they are ignored. A breakpoint will stop on the line, but when I try to “step into” the function nothing happens, it just moves to the next line.

I was wondering if this extension is disabled under the PVRShell?

Is anyone else using this extension in their code? Do I have to do anything special to enable it?

Any help much appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi Bootstrapper,

There’s nothing in our shell that should disable this - or even should be able to disable this. Are you using the iOS simulator or are you using PVRVFrame?

The only thing I could think of in this case would be that there’s an EAGL context property to specifically enable this functionality, but there’s nothing mentioned in the OpenGL extension, and I couldn’t find anything in Apple’s documentation either.



Hi Tobias,

I am using the integrated Xcode OpenGL debugger.

I’ve figured it out - it was my mistake: the statements I wrapped in the annotations were outside of my main render loop - I was wrapping the setup of VBOs.

I had assumed that Xcode’s “capture frame” would show a snapshot of the current GL state, but it just shows the GL state calls within the current render, so the VBO setup calls were not showing up anyway.

I’ve since annotated the GL calls in my render loop and it works.

Thanks for your help.


Ah ok! Thanks for letting us know, glad you figured it out! :slight_smile: