Vector Logo for Default.png

Not sure if I am in the right forum for this… but we are in the 7th month of development for our upcoming iPhone application, and we are up to the stage of polishing off and finalizing some of the initial load, menu, and information screens.

I would like to know where I could obtain a vector format if possible of the Imagination Logo so that I can suitably scale and utilize the Logo in my Default.png load screen on my iPhone application.

I wanted to list all the included third party or inbuilt helpers and technologies used within our game on the provided default.png so that it appears at the start of our application.

There is a sample of what we intend to make the load screen look like here…


Hi Michael,

Can you send an email to so that I can send you the logo file, please?

What kind of game is it that you are developing?

Hi Gordon,

Sorry about the delay in getting back to you, but we had a nice storm here last week that took out three machines. Hooray!. Time to buy some UPS.

I’ll send you an email shortly. Thanks for the assistance.

I can’t get too indepth about the game here, because our Concept guy would probably kick me in the proverbial, but it’s basically a Side Scrolling 3D Puzzler, with full physics, and lots of awesome compressed .pvr’s thanks to you guys. :slight_smile:


Hi Michael, I’ve been away for the holidays, but you should have the logo now.