What is CPU active?

Hi, I notice the CPU active is smaller than the sum of CPU active 00 and CPU active 01 (two cores), and also smaller than the sum of all process CPU active sometimes.
so I want to know what is the CPU active under System category and the first CPU active in the exported CSV file.

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Hi, Jiu.

These results are expected; CPU active is the average of those, not the sum.
As there are two cores, we would expect the total of all processes’ CPU active value to be 2x the system CPU active value.
You cannot rely on consistent ordering of the entries in the CSV file. On our next release (20.2) both aspects are fixed: the CSV file will contain full counter path + name, and the order will be consistent.



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Hi Carlos

Thanks for answering.
I also viewed there having 135% CPU active which means 270% CPU usage?

Best regards

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