Where is documentation for PVRTexLib?

Is in new sdk 3.1 missing documentation about PVRTexLib?

GraphicsSDKPVRTexToolDocumentation haven’t documentation about PVRTexLib

GraphicsSDKPVRTexToolLibrary haven’t folder ‘Documentation’, documentation about PVRTexLib

GraphicsSDKSDK_3.1Utilities haven’t PVRTexLib

GraphicsSDKSDK_3.1Tools haven’t compression functions.

Hi Misha,

We merged the PVRTexTool and PVRTexLib packages in the previous release, and so we also merged the documentation. The PVRTexLib documentation is now part of the TexTool manual, so can be found here:

GraphicsSDKPVRTexToolDocumentationPVRTexTool.User Manual.pdf



But this documentation is too small, and not cover many aspects. For example: how to load uncompessed image, and compress it?