Windows OpenGL emulator exit issue

I am having a problem when using version of the OpenGL ES 1.1 SDK on Windows, using the libraries directly from an application of my own.


If I do any rendering, then when I shut down my application, then whilst my main window closes, the SDK GUI window which pops up on startup remains visible and the application does not exit. If I then close the floating window, the application still does not exit, and I have to use shift-F5 in the visual studio debugger to stop it.


I have found that there is a workaround, though, if I set the option setting to disable the SDK GUI window on startup, it exits properly.


Is this a problem you are aware of? And are there control functions for the popup window in libgles_cm.dll? I cannot seems to find any documentation that relates to control of the dialog.


The only function that control the behaviour of control window available from code isÂ

the one mentioned in manual eg. There is code given to paste in your code to disable control window. This code shadow the settings you may set with control window itself



Which manual? I can't find anything about disabling the control window via code in any of the bits of documentation that install with the SDK.

In SDK Directory go to the Utilities/PVRVFrame/Documentation and there you can find manual where in section 3.2.4 you can find description how to disable pvrvframe  (pcemulation) from code.