SDK 2.4 Release 2 is now available

Our 2.4 SDK was released last February 2009 and the new Release 2 was posted a few days ago.

The SDK is currently available from our PowerVR Insider web:

These are some of the updates in this new release (check PowerVR Insider for the full list):

SDK Version 2.4, Release 2


Fixed EGL header which was not getting packed.


Updated ShadowVolume scene to contain a point light instead of a directional light.


Linux X11: Fixed the bug with forcing resolution to 640 x 480 in case when screens dims X is lesser than Y.


Fix to light directions (LIGHTDIRWORLD and LIGHTDIREYE) in OGLES2 and OGL.

Animation speed preferences changed from specifying animation frame interval to animation frames per second.


Bug fix for resizing height of texture in command line PVRTexTool.


Fixed a crash that may occur if only orthographic cameras are present.


Added information about profiles into render string

SDK Version 2.4, Release 1


Updating OpenGL ES and EGL headers to latest Khronos versions


Made OGLESIntroducingPOD more robust when it comes to loading .pod files.

OGLES2BasicTnL, OGLES2Texturing, OGLES2IntroducingPVRTools, OGLES2IntroducingPVRShell, OGLES2HelloTriangle, OGLESHelloTriangle now uses Vertex Buffer Objects.

Added OpenGL ES 1.1 Skinning Training Course. The training course shows the use of matrix palette with bone batches.


Added support for OES_point_size_array entries.

OGLES 1.1 Extension class now recognise OES_mapbuffer entry points.


Added touch screen support and mouse pointer support.

PVRShaman v1.6

Added support for OpenGL ES 1.1 (non-shader based).

Add GLSL shader cycle counts.

Animation speed can be set in the preferences dialog.

PVRTexTool 3.9

Extensive reworking of PVRTexTool CL's command line code.

Added support of PVR format as an input.

Added OGL_A_8 format.

Added Save As... for image formats such a PNG etc.

Collada2POD v2.01

Linux version of Collada2POD.

Added support for vertex colours.

Added command-line options to modify almost every export option that is available in the GUI version.


Support for Hardware profiles (OpenGL ES 1.1 and OpenGL ES 2.0).

Support for mapbuffer extension (OpenGL ES 1.1 and OpenGL ES 2.0).

Separated EGL from OpenGL ES libraries to follow latest Khronos guidelines.

PVRUniSco Editor v1.3

Now recognizes .frag and .vert file extensions.

Added generation of per-line cycle counts in the background when editing a shader

PVRGeoPOD for Maya 1.08

Added Maya 2009 build for WIN32.


3D Application Development Recommendations document updated.

SDK User Guides Updated.



Please consider porting the Maya exporter to Mac OS X. That would help greatly further adoption of this library tech.

Thank you for the suggestion, we’ll look into this.