autostereoscopic slides


I’m thinking about experimenting with the autostereoscopic slides/films for iPod touches/iPhones that have become available recently (e.g. or ).

Does anyone have experience with these? I just got the free 3DeeSlide from spatialview. Does anyone happen to know what the geometry of the lenses in terms of pixels is? (I suppose there is vertical distance of 7 iOS pixels between two “pixels” of the stereo image for the same eye and a slope of 5:3 iOS pixels; is that right?) Did anyone experiment with these slides/films with the retina display?



Oh, I should mention that I got some students to work on this and they produced a nice improvement for the Grilli3D autostereoscopic slide which allows to adapt the rendering to the position of the viewer in order to avoid ghosting when the viewer or the display moves relatively to each other. The paper is titled “Software-Based Adjustment of Mobile Autostereoscopic Graphics using Static Parallax Barriers” by Martin Marko Paprocki, Morten Bak Kristoffersen, Kim Srirat Krog and Martin Kraus. It’s going to be presented at AVI 2012: .