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BADA Samsung S8500 problem



    I make my own object in LightWave. Export to Collada ane make POD file. IN IntroducingPOD i change Vertex and Shader and show animation. All is ok in simulator and in device. When I moved that same object to StencilBuffer and delete stencil functions then Cylinder and Sphere are ok in simulator and on device. Next wen I change Sphere or Cylinder to my POD file (like in IntroducingPOD) then in simulator all is ok but on device (Samsung S8500) object is inwisible! I spend many time on, chang cull_face, translations etc and nothing. I’m using RGB565 textures. That same textures are visible in IntroducingPOD on device.

This is problem using CMOdel class? Textures?

Thx for help.


I will try with textures. That mus be it.


This doesn’t sound like a problem with textures as if the textures weren’t available then the model would still be visible (just untextured).

Can you send this example to us at so that we can investigate it further?




I am using CModel class from Stencil Example. In pod file I have camera, mesh and light. When I switch to camera view and load Shader program it wasn't work. Must be LoadShader in my CModel class.


Thanks for help Gordon :)



Glad you got it sorted out Smile