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Bone and Transform Animation



I am trying to export a mesh from maya into shaman that has bone deformations as well as keyframe animation on the mesh itself. The mesh is basically made up of 4 parts with bones throughout to get a seamless deformation as if it were one solid object. Then the top two pieces need to rotate as if it were “splitting” open to show whats inside. I want the the bones to continue to do what they are doing while the mesh rotates open. Maya seems to handle this perfectly but I can’t get it to export correctly into shaman. It’s one or the other. Most of the time the bone deformations are the only animation I see but I do notice that the red bounding box is rotating with the keyframe animation on the mesh. Is there a way to achieve both bone and keyframe animation on a mesh and export it successfully? Thanks. If you have any questions let me know.