export the animation with skeletal mesh


I’m quite stuck in my pipeline and I really hope that somebody can help me :slight_smile:

I use maya and I have a character with it’s rig. To export the animation I’m using your PVRGeoPOD but the only thing that I manage to do is to export a simple cube with the animation. If I try to export the animated character with it’s bones, when I import it in the game it stays still.

basically I’ve got (to speak in unreal terms) a static mesh which I can move from code but I can’t get a skeletal mesh to animate.

and I can’t move the skeletal mesh through code.

As settings I just use the default one checking the anim box as well.

I was also thinking that it would be better to have separate packages for the character and the animations but I don’t really know how to do it. Do you know if any of your utilities can be useful for this thing as well?

thanks a lot xatmo2010-08-13 10:15:50

actually we noticed that the export works and we get the animation driven by the bones but when we import into the game it plays only the first frame of it.

these are the settings I’m using to export

Also, we tried to use this animated model into the project demo matrixpalette but we don’t see anything.

any clue?

Try to use it in Skinning exemple because I think you have more than 9 bones and matrix palette exemple don’t use bone batching (if I remerber well)
Moreover, depending on the platform you are developping for, there is a maximum number of bones influencing each vertex…( 2 for the first iPhone for example)