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can someone offer me such a program for reading?



I am a new.I have tried to wirte a program that generate a cube on the screen .I rewrite the SDK’s training coures source code.But i’m not succeed to make it.I’m working in the linuxPC condition.Please help me…Can any guy give me a run-enable program to read.So i can learn from it.Thanks very much!

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Why i can’t change the 2D-to 2.5D or 3D.Where should i change the source code?Or add something in some place?With the SDK training course code 03_triangle.


I suggest looking at one of the later training courses, such as IntroducingPOD. This uses our Tools library which contains some functions that help in setting up matrices, load models and textures and various other useful operations. For instance: PVRTMat4::PerspectiveFovRH() is a function that will create a projection matrix for you so that you can start rendering using a 3D perspective projection.

Rendering a cube is most easily achieved by entering the coordinates of its 8 vertices by hand, but for anything more complicated than this it makes sense to use a 3D modelling package and then load your 3D objects from file. IntroducingPOD shows how to do this with a POD model file that can be created using PVRGeoPOD or using Collada2POD.

It would be worth reading about the principles of 3D rendering so that you have an understanding of what is going on too. Do a search on the web for “3D rendering” or “OpenGL tutorial” and it should be easy enough to find some information. If nothing else there are some reasonable articles on Wikipedia which link to other sites of interest.