Cannot connect PVRCarbon

PVRCarbon Recorder v0.5 (20.1@5771704)
PVRCarbon|Note: By default to support multi-platform playback we override api alignment values to our recommended values. To disable this set the align recommended option to false
PVRCarbon|Waiting for a connection (localhost:4317):
PVRCarbon|*  lo:
PVRCarbon|*  eth1:
PVRCarbon|Accepted connection from
PVRCarbon|ERROR: Closing connection. Error during Server/Client checks

PVRCarbon gives error when GUI try to connect it.
Start app without config JSON:
PVRCARBON_network_enable=true LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/PVRCarbon myapp

Hi jiu,

Could you please specify:

  1. The platform you’re trying to record on (platform name, GPU, and driver version-DDK if possible).
  2. The version of the PVRCarbon GUI application you’re using to record.

Best regards,


Hi Alejandro

R-Car E3
GL_VENDOR: Imagination Technologies
GL_RENDERER: PowerVR Rogue GE8300
GL_VERSION: OpenGL ES 3.2 build 1.10@5187610


Hi jiu,

I’ve asked the Tools team but there’s not a criteria why is not working. Can you confirm you’re using Linux for the R-Car E3 device? In case you’re using Linux, can you specify what distribution and version are you using?

There’re two advices below:

  • Make sure your PC and the device are both in the same network and that your R-Car E3 device is connected to the network through its ethernet port.
  • You can try PVRCarbon 19.2 as another option and see if it works. Just make sure you use 19.2 GUI with 19.2 recording libraries (you can’t mix and match versions).

Please let me know if you still experience problems when connecting to your device.



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