PVRCarbon (and player) for IVI-shell

I have this two questions:

1.) PVRCarbon tracing
How to capture correctly a trace with PVRCarbon for weston IVI-shell ?
Weston IVI-shell — weston 12.0.90 documentation (pages.freedesktop.org)

2.) PVRCarbon replaying
LD_PRELOAD=<library.so> ./PVRCarbonPlayer --ws=??? .pvrcbn
What is the correct command to replay this trace file from IVI-shell ?

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Hi GVRen,

Thanks for your message, and welcome to the PowerVR Developer Forum!

I would like to know some details, when possible please provide:

  • Device model.
  • PowerVR GPU model.
  • Operating System and OS version.
  • PVRCarbon version you are using.
  • If possible, driver version. It should have the format 1.[number]@[changelist]

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Hello Alejandro,
thank you.

Device model:

PowerVR GPU model:
PowerVR Series6XT GX6650

Operating System and OS version:
Linux 5.10.41

PVRCarbon version you are using:
Latest version: Release Notes 2023 Release 2 - Imagination Developers

If possible, driver version. It should have the format 1.[number]@[changelist]:

Thanks for your support and
Best Regards

Hi Gotthard,

When taking recordings in IVI-shell the method used for standard linux recording should work.

For playing back recordings, ./PVRCarbonPlayer recording_name.pvrcbn should work as long as the player is able to detect the windowing system. If it is not detected, then you can use the parameter --ws= to match the setup you are using (possibly wayland or x11).

Please let me know if you come across any issues when taking or playing PVRCarbon recordings.

Best regards,