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Collada2POD: Collada exported from Lightwave ?



    Hi everyone,
    I used Collada2POD to convert a Collada file exported from Lightwave. My purpose is to use the created pod file and the SDK to render the model/animation in my game. But I am not sure whether this options is feasible because the Collada2POD utility may not support Collada file exported from Lightwave . So I tried to use PVRShaman to load the pod file but it seemed there are a lot of things are incorrect here . Does this result means :
    1. The Collada2POD utility does not compatible with Collada files exported from Lightwave at all . If so , I have to give up the SDK and create render code of my own :frowning:
    2. The fault is PVRShaman, it can not render the pod file but using SDK , I can render the pod file .
    3. I used incorrect export options or there must be some constraints on model / animation created in Lightwave in order to be converted successful by Collada2POD utility ?
    I really want to use the SDK because it could save me a great time instead of writing the code myself.


So I’ve spent the last hour or so getting a little bit more knowledge about the different COLLADA formats but according to almost all the discussions about Lightwave say that it now has full support for exporting COLLADA files. Though it seems you need version 9.5 or higher.

I really think that it has something to do with your export or import settings.

I recommend simply doing trial and error with each setting to try to determine which one is causing the problem.

If all else fails I would suggest filtering the collada file through a third program.
What I mean is:
Export from Lightwave as collada
Import to 3ds Max using openCOLLADA
Export from 3ds Max
Convert with Collada2POD


  Thanks for ur rely , 
  Yes , Lightwave 9.5 or higher, indeed, has “full suport” for exporting COLLADA. I did write a small program to read the collada file and render it using OpenGL , the geometry , texture and skeletal animation work.
   I used very simple Lightwave animation and export it with some basic settings : +export geometry , +export controllers, +export skin modifiers, Primitive type : Triangle list with Indexed , Bone indices +a1 +a2 +a3 +a4 , bone weights +a1 +a2 +a3 +a3.
   The geometry did work but the animation somehow was not right. From my experience ,  Collada2Pod utility may not read the inverse bind matrix or joint matrix correctly.
    I will try the collada filter option you suggested , anyway




Would it be possible for you to send your collada file to so I can see where it is going wrong with Collada2POD?