collada2pod problems with skins

I’m trying to convert a collada file to the POD format, but it doesn’t produce correct results when I enable the “export skin modifiers” option. Here’s the collada model I’m using:

The results look different depending on whether I have the “export matrices” checked.

When I don’t check the “export skin modifiers” option, the mesh looks fine.

Here are the versions of the tools I’m using:

collada2POD: v2.08 (SDK Build

PVRShaman: v1.10 (SDK Build

I reviewed the documentation, but it was pretty vague about the settings. I did notice this reference in section 1.1 of the collada2POD doc:

"Skinned animations are not always exported correctly."

But I wasn’t sure what it was referring to.

It looks wrong even without trying to play the animations (or export them, for that matter).



Another piece of info: I’m able to load this collada file into Blender 2.57 with no issues. The mesh looks correct and the animations play fine.