CreateDevice failed

hello all,


I used "CreateDevice" API to connect D3DM device. and returned an error value -- D3DMERR_INVALIDDEVICE,  it seems platform doesn't support D3DM. 

Hardware is Sirf prima TT442, accroding white paper, it integrated MBX-lite core, so D3DM should be supported, and I built OS softaware by myself, certainly I checked all D3DM items in catalog items view.


maybe you know why?


please refer to following source code.


if( NULL == ( g_pD3DM = Direct3DMobileCreate( D3DM_SDK_VERSION ) ) )
  return E_FAIL;

 memset( &d3dmpp, 0, sizeof(d3dmpp) );
 d3dmpp.Windowed = TRUE;
 d3dmpp.SwapEffect = D3DMSWAPEFFECT_DISCARD;
 d3dmpp.BackBufferFormat = D3DMFMT_UNKNOWN;
 d3dmpp.EnableAutoDepthStencil = TRUE;
 d3dmpp.AutoDepthStencilFormat = D3DMFMT_D16;

 HRESULT hRes = g_pD3DM->CreateDevice( uAdapter,
  hWnd, 0,
  &d3dmpp, &g_pd3dmDevice );
 if( FAILED( hRes ) )
  OutputDebugString(TEXT("Unable to create a D3DM device.n"));
  return E_FAIL;


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If you have access to our drivers to build them for this platform then your enquiries should be directed through IPGear. Otherwise, you may have a software implementation of D3DM, in which case we can't really help you, I'm afraid.
rys2010-07-14 14:47:45

Hi, i just bought FSM And it doesnt work. The error that i posted as the

topic is the error that comes up. Any help? Any reason why it said

this? Thanks, all help welcome.