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What is the best way to encode a OpenGL scene



Hi PowerVR Support and Everyone,

     Do anybody know what is the best way to encode a scene rendered by OpenGL ES to video on Android? Any help will be appreciated.



What do you need the video capture for? While not the same as recording on device, you could use our PC emulation (PVRVFrame) to record your application on your development machine.

I’m not sure what the best option would be to record on device without introducing an overhead that would affect your application’s performance.



Hi Joe,

   thanks for your reply. I am working on a video editing project for Android ICS. In our project, the 3d scene is rendered using opengl es 2.0. And then the scene is encode uing openMax and stageFright. Currently I have not found any efficient solution to pass the 3d scene data to the openMax. Do you have any suggestion?