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Error: astcenc not found. Please download and place in PATH




I am getting the below error in MAC OS.

Error: astcenc not found. Please download and place in PATH.

Even I download and astcenc and set the path. Could you please help me on this?



Hi Sabari,

Yes, there is a problem finding astcenc on Mac. The env path is overwritten by XCode and the available
locations are not writable by the user due to the new Apple “System Integrity Protection” policy.
We are trying to find a solution for this. In the mean time, the only workaround is to use the command-line version of PVRTexTool.




This is happening with the CLI as well. What path are you expecting to find the ARM reference implementation compiler - astcenc? All I did was download that, installed it, and added that to my path. Then the CLI worked.


Hi Alec,

PVRTexTool does not carry the astm encoder so it requires it to be placed in the path to allow ASTC compression to work, both for the CLI and the GUI. We have a problem that only affects the GUI version on Mac which impedes PVRTexToolGUI to find the astc encoder regardless whether its location is in the path. To work-around this problem we have added /usr/local/bin/ (which is writable by the user) to the search path.