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Error: astcenc not found



On macOS (10.12), I’ve done the following:

  • Downloaded and installed PVRTexToolGUI
  • Downloaded astcenc
  • Added the location of astcenc to PATH
  • Also copied astcenc to a location that was already in my PATH, /usr/local/bin

astcenc works from the command line, but when I try to encode with the GUI I get this message when selecting ASTC: “Error: astcenc not found. Please download and place in PATH”

How do I encode using the GUI?
Also, is it possible to specify mipmap generation via the command line?


Hi Brendon,

Sadly running an application as .app messes with the environment variables. So far we haven’t found any solution that does not requires significant changes in the application.
There is an easy work-around. Right click on the application to open the bundle. Go to Content/MacOS. Copy a link to the PVRTexToolGUI binary somewhere. Now double clicking that link will bring up PVRTexToolGUI with the full path variables and astcenc will work.
To generate mipmaps in the commnadline just specify -m <numberofmipmaps>

Best regards.