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Exporter and Camera


Hi there!

I’m trying to fit the camera in 3ds Max with my engine and Shaman app. When I configure the camera in the 3ds Max and print in the viewport safe areas I export the scene. In my engine using PVRSDK I load the scene with the camera and its animation, but the camera don’t show the same in the screen. It is not exactly the same that I view in max RENDER selecting the camera.

I check fov, near, far, vFrom, vTo, vUp, appear to be ok. Well, not all, the camera is a target camera but vTo is not correct, but this is other thing.

Where is the problem? How I need to configure the camera in 3ds Max to see the same as render in real time with Shaman or my Engine?



Max Editor:

Max Render:

Engine (and Shaman it's the same):

Prompt2011-01-17 09:55:02