GLES2 PC emulation performs poorly


I’m in the process of porting some applications from ES 1.1 to ES 2.0.
I got it more or less working already I will just need to implement a few more shaders.
However it runs very slowly on the ES 2.0 PC emulation SDK compared to the ES 1.1 PC emulation SDK.

I went through my EGL config time and time again trying to see if that was the problem but I can’t find the issue.

The demos provided appear to run at a very descent speed too so I must be doing something wrong. However my target device build delivers much better performance than the emulator, in fact on target device 1.1 build and 2.0 build performance are quite similar.

The SDK version is:
My graphics card is : NVIDIA GeForce 8300GS

Any tips?


Ok I’ve fixed my problem. I was still linking against the ES 1.1 library. It’s a wonder it worked at all.

I believe you were using an earlier version of the ES 1.1 library which actually contained ES 2.0 functionality and had some speed issues. The newer version should be better for both ES 1.1 and ES 2.0.

True I think my ES 1.1 SDK was like 2 years old. I’ve upgraded since.