2005 libs

I just downloaded the PowerVR OpenGL ES 2.0 SDK and was looking to run the demos and tutorials.  Unfortunately, the solution files for Windows PC emulation are all for Visual Studio 2003, and I only have 2005.  The documentation says that PC emulation can be run w/ 2003 or 2005, but I can’t find another set of libraries w/ the distribution.  Is there someplace whee I can download the 2005 libraries?

I believe that the same libraries should work for both versions of Visual Studio (and indeed for VS2008 as well). If you open the VS2003 .sln files in VS2005 then VS should walk you through a short conversion process and then the examples should build in VS2005 after that. I suggest examining how these work or using one of these projects as the starting point for an application of your own.

To use the PC emulation dlls you have to place them so that your OpenGL ES 2.0 application can link into them (e.g. executable directory or Windows/system32). To link them into your programs when building you’ll need to add a path to where the .lib files are in your linker settings.

If this doesn’t work or you have further questions please contact us further.