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H264/H265 encode on PowerVR G6230


Hi all,

I have question about encoding on that chip. Firstly i interest PowerVR G6230 have drivers for Linux? And if have howto encode h264/h265 on that chip? Where i can get source examples in C?

Best Regards,


Hi Alex,

What board are you working with? You will have to contact the vendor for drivers, and to answer these questions.


Hi Paul,

I not have any platform. But for now i looking for allwiner a80, on market have many variants with that chip. Him have PowerVR G6230, but all him use android not linux. I see that linux possible install and use on that platform like ubuntu. But me interest use PowerVR G6230 for full power with encode/decode h264/h265 , i can’t find any info in internet for do that. As i understand u as developer PowerVR G6230 have driver for linux and examples for use encode/decode?

Best Regards,


This case is out of the scope of what we can advise here. You will have to contact either Allwinner, who make the devices, or Mediatek, who make the chip.


Ok. Thanx.