PowerVR Video Encoder and Decoder

Hi there.

My company’s bought a minicomputer “Bubblegum 96 s900” (http://www.96boards.org/product/bubblegum-96/).
There is GPU PowerVR G6230.
I read about video encoding on PowerVR, but unfortunately I couldn’t find examples here. I tried to look it up in PowerVR SDK, but it went south.
I’ve built ffmpeg, but it doesn’t use GPU and it able to compress only 3-5 frames per second 1280x720, 5 fps if I use x264 codec.

Could you help me. Where can I find information about video encoding?

Hi there,

Unfortunately the SoC used in the Bubblegum S900 doesn’t have our video encoder technology built in, and we have no resources to help you port x264 to the GPU.

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