PowerVR Video Encoder and Decoder

My company’s bought a minicomputer “Bubblegum 96 s900” (http://www.96boards.org/product/bubblegum-96/).
There is GPU PowerVR G6230.
I read about video encoding on PowerVR, but unfortunately I couldn’t find examples here. I tried to look it up in PowerVR SDK, but it went south.
I’ve built ffmpeg, but it doesn’t use GPU and it able to compress only 3-5 frames per second 1280x720, 5 fps if I use x264 codec.

Could you help me. Where can I find information about video encoding?

Hi William,

The PowerVR G6230 does not have a video encoder/decoder but I believe the Bubblegum-96 (Actions S900) has some H.264 video capabilities. I am sorry I cannot help you here. Have you tried contacting Actions?