how to get accelerated h.264 decoding on linux?

hello forum,

i am evaluating a Samsung S5PV210 board (which contains the PowerVR SGX540 GPU) and would like to test the hardware acceleration of video decoding, specifically h.264 720p/1080p. according to the specs, this should be supported under linux, however i am not quite sure where i’d get the corresponding software (binary or better yet source code) for both the X server and the linux kernel… would this be supplied by the chipset manufacturer, ie Samsung? or by the board manufacturer, in this case FriendlyARM?

Or does Imagination Technologies provide such a thing? I’m currently looking at the PowerVR Insider SDK, but this seems to be less about video and more about 2d/3d acceleration (which is nice as well, but only if i get the video to work )

any help appreciated, as this is quite confusing … :slight_smile:


Hi folkert,

Apologies for the delayed response.

You should contact Samsung for support with this issue. Our SDK is designed to support development of applications that leverage our PowerVR GPUs for 2D/3D graphics. It doesn’t contain any examples or tools for the PowerVR video cores.