How to install PVRSDK & lab code?

I`m learning the course of mobile graphics refer to the document “How to install the PowerVR SDK and Lab Code.pdf”
After the flowing step run succesfull,I dont know how to run the examples?

cd …\Intro_Mobile_Graphics
cmake .
cmake --build .

I find a lot of files creadted in Intro_Mobile_Graphics/bin/ directory,but I really dont know how to run them?


Hi slamdunk315,

Many thanks for your message, and welcome to the PVR Developer Forum!

We’ll look into the issue you’re experiencing and come back to you shortly.

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Hi @slamdunk315,

I’m not explicitly sure which document you are referring to, but I am assuming it is from the IMG university program? Secondly to help us pinpoint the any further issues you’re having, what operating system are you using? What is your Target platform?

The bin folder contains the compiled executables and assets. The type of executable generated depends on your operating system, however they can all be started via a terminal. (On windows that would be CMD or PowerShell or any other terminal you’ve installed).

Check the name of the executable that you want to launch and then open a terminal inside the Intro_Mobile_Graphics/bin/ directory simply type the name of the executable into the terminal. On Linux you might need to specify sudo to have permission to run some of the applications.

If you have anymore problems attempting to launch the applications they should about a log file, either to the terminal or the bin directory

let us know if you need anymore help

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As a follow up, assuming that this is from the university program and you have anymore issues, you should post them here : Imagination University Programme Forum – Imagination University Programme

They’re more suited to answering questions related to the university program. and the projects they provide. I have been told that this problem running the applications comes from not having the correct folder set up, not moving the VFrame libraries to the correct location and so on…

All the best,

than you for the reply

You are right,I`m referring the IMG university program.
I`m working on Linux platform(ubuntu16.04).

I fixed the issue, I should add the config parameter PVR_WINDOW_SYSTEM like below:
then run the compile command
I will get the bin files locate at


all the bin files can be excuted successful.

Hi @slamdunk315,

Glad to know that you got it working, it comes to my attention that the build instructions supplied by that document don’t tell you to specify the windowing system on Linux systems, however that is specified on the SDK’s github. This is some feedback I’ll pass on, thank you for your feedback

all the best,

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