it is possible to somehow export simulations blender?

Hello friends, it is possible to somehow export simulations blender, I created in blender a flag I added a wind force in blender works perfectly but when I export a pod with your plugin and open it with PVRSharman animation not shown, it is possible somehow to export a blender simulations pod ?.

thank you very much


Apologies for taking a while to respond to this. By default, the POD format only supports key frame animations. Depending on your requirements for the simulation data, you could use one of the following approaches:

  1. Key frame animation: If the simulation can be run offline and converted to a key frame animation, you can store it in the POD file

  2. User data: If you need the simulation to execute at run-time, you can use POD's custom user data feature to store your simulation data in our POD files. You can then parse and use the custom data in your application when the POD file is loaded.

    As the simulation data would be custom, PVRShaman will not be able to interpret it.

If you want to know more about the POD format, the user data feature and the limitations of the format/exporter, I would recommend reading the "PVRGeoPOD User Manual" and "POD File Format Specification" documents for more information.

Hope this helps :)