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Please show me a example to SavePod


Could show me an example of using SavePod in PVR tools, which are export options, thank you very much.



The SavePOD function will write all of the SPODScene data stored in memory to a file. There are no export options.

What is the goal of your project? Are you working on a custom POD exporter?




Hi Joe, I’m working on a custom exporter of POD, but I have not found any example of how to use the SavePOD function, you I expose for you to see that second argument is to add options to the exporter, but which are not these options, if you can give me an example.


@Function SavePOD

@Input pszFilename Filename to save to

@Input pszExpOpt A string containing the options used by the exporter

@Description Save a binary POD file (.POD).


EPVRTError CPVRTModelPOD::SavePOD(const char * const pszFilename, const char * const pszExpOpt, const char * const pszHistory)



A few years back I wrote a custom exported from Lightwave to POD.

Not sure if it is still fully relevant ( SDK has changed since then ) but the code for saving POD files is located at: around #720.


Pod is great , i never understood why it is not open source and on GIT for simplicity and faster feedback where all the other companies have it that way…strange .:slight_smile:


The main issue with PODs is that these were meant to be scene file/descriptors and a lot of projects prefer model/animation based models where they keep their “scene” files (essentially game level ) completely custom.


Yes very right Warmi,Pod is a good repository format for meshes and animation :slight_smile: the rest of job is defined by the user itself and the constrains of his scene…