Lighting or Material problem with dae_fbx export from Maya 2012 converted into .pod file


I have a strange problem with my 3d models made from Maya 2012.

The .dae file exported with dae_fbx plugin shows no problem as the screenshot:

But when I convert it into .pod using the PVRGeoPODGUI, the result viewed from either PVRShamanGUI or Cocos3D looks like the following:

Some people might say I have to tweak my settings, but what makes it strange is that there is no problem when the same 3d model is exported from Maya 2011 into .dae using dae_fbx plugin and then converted to .pod using PVRGeoPODGUI.

I’m guessing the two different versions of Maya is causing the different in the results, but I don’t understand why the .dae file shows correct model while .pod wipes out all the texture and/or material… so I was wondering if there would be any way to resolve this by changing my conversion settings. The below image is the setting values I used to convert my 3d models:

The problem is the same with any 3d model I create/import in my Maya 2012.

Please help me on this issue if any of you had similar problem.

Thank you


i am not a Maya user but i am curious.assuming that your rendering settings are right at the api level.

Why do you FLIP V co-ordinate ?? did you bake your model ( render to texture )

and how did you convert the resulting image ( did you flip it again ? )

strange no ?




Can you share the DAE and two PODs (Maya 2011 & 2012) with us so we can investigate the issue? If you’d prefer to send the files to us privately rather than posting links to them on the forum, you can file a ticket in our support system and attach the files to it.